Senior Full Stack Developer


The team is reinventing how trading and investing work by creating exceptional products! Their focus is enabling over 1.5 million people to build wealth in the global top 3 choice platforms for trading. Together, we are looking for an experienced Back-end Engineer, who is an independent thinker, eager to improve and build microservice architecture products in service of the people. 


As part of the team you will:

  • Have full ownership of your code - this includes maintaining it in good shape and refactoring it when there’s a good opportunity for improvement. 
  • Work with a language-agnostic system - engineers are free to choose the specific language based on its appropriateness for the particular task. That is why experience with at least one commonplace web framework, no matter the language, will be a must.
  • Gain deeper understanding of indexing, transactions, isolation levels, locking mechanisms, and you should be able to design high-performance databases. 
  • Impact millions of users with every change you push to production.
  • Help achieve technical excellence. Their vision is of a frontend monorepo that produces the company’s iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop apps with a focus on efficiency and code reuse.
  • Work closely with design and backend teams to maximize quality.
  • Care for the project and its health. They are a product company and are here to stay - code maintainability is of utmost importance.


Company main tech stack:

  • Languages and frameworks: Java 17 - Spring, Go, NodeJS - TypeScript, Python
  • Databases: MariaDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB
  • Messaging: Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ
  • Web servers: Nginx, HAProxy
  • Version control: Git, GitLab
  • Containerization: Docker
  • Logs & Monitoring: Grafana, Kibana, Telegraf

At the moment front-end stack is:

  • TypeScript
  • React Native
  • Redux, Redux-Saga
  • Next.js
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Gitlab, Gitlab CI
  • Nx


If zero commission trading is what you have been waiting for, and you need the freedom to develop your ideas into real-life products - drop a line at for more details! 

(No. 2709 from 17.01.2019)