PHP Developer

Sofia, Bulgaria

Together you will:

 Take part in the Analysis, System Design, and selection of used technologies
 Developing web applications for a multinational business
 Implementing new features and improving the current products
 Mentor junior team members

What to bring:

 First of all: A team player with good communication skills, who is eager to share, motivate and inspire.

  • Good experience in the development of web applications
  • Clean Coding as your most important principle
  • PHP experience and also OOP skills 
      experience working with one of the popular PHP MVC frameworks (ex: Yii, Zend, Symfony, Laravel ...)
  • Good knowledge of Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, CI & CD
  • OOP principles (Design patterns, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI)
  • Experience with JavaScript
  • XML and Web Services (SOAP, REST)
  • Knowledge of MySQL - MySQL Clustering, query tuning, efficient indexing, Big Data, sharding, InnoDB internals

some advantages:

  • Experience working with Elasticsearch, Memcache, Redis
  • Experience with Node.js,

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