​Head of Product


The role is primarily about communication, coordination, and providing direction and focus. ​The new HoP will be responsible for establishing a vision and communicating it in simple and inspiring terms. The HoP can both design or modify the product so that it reaches the customer's satisfaction

​Our client is a rapidly growing Tech-and-Data-driven company that has emerged as one of the leading online discount marketplaces, connecting millions of buyers with thousands of sellers throughout the UK, giving customers an endless range of unique and inspiring items and experiences.

They are looking for an experienced​ Head of Product. The role is inherently cross-functional. This position requires that a person closely works with the ​CОO, CTO, ​engineering, marketing, sales, and other departments. The position is directly subordinated to the COO/CTO. The tasks for this position are assigned by the direct supervisor COO/CTO. In most cases, the incumbent works with all employees of the company within the tasks assigned to him.

And also:
● Strategic planning and management of the entire product portfolio
● Help define and align the strategy and roadmap
● Definition, monitoring of the relevant KPIs, and control of the measures to achieve the  objectives set
● Lead and build a high talent team in which you motivate and achieve steady improvements  in your area

Main responsible are for all product-related matters. Usually includes product vision, product innovation, product design, product development, project management, and product marketing. Ultimately the HoP's responsibility is to build a great product that avails sustainable value in terms of revenue and profits for the business. And the:  

● Quality of the activities performed by him/her related to official duties.
● Observance of the parameters for confidentiality, set when providing information,  according to the Regulations for the internal labor order, the internal acts, the individual contract, and additional agreements to it.
● Processing, storage, and provision of the documentation entrusted to him, according to the rules of the employer.

Additionally, high levels of the below skills to perform well in the role:

● ​At least 6-7 years of experience in Product Management,  Business Analyst, Solutions Architect, or Project Management experience, preferably in ​eC​ommerce, and one or several formal qualifications.
● At least 5 years of leadership experience in an international environment and across  multiple sites
● 3+ years working with popular software methodologies (i.e. Agile, Scrum, eXtreme  Programming, Lean, Kanban)
● Experience with a Product Development Platform (Jira would be a distinct advantage)
● Very good communication skills in English in order to communicate with management and senior management as well as with employees and colleagues
● High-level motivational skills so that you can also manage virtual teams
● Proven success delivering large-scale products with development teams
● Capacity to manage high-stress situations
● Ability to multi-task and manage various project elements simultaneously
● Experience with strategy
● Conflict resolution skills
● Define KPIs and team success, direct, manage and motivate team

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