Senior Java Engineer

Sofia, Bulgaria

The golden mean has been a goal for many people and companies. How does exactly that sound in terms of being in a medium-sized business, constantly looking to streamline business operations and processes, striving for excellence, and making sure enormous institutions deliver more and more added value to their customer? 


  • Development of new features for one of the company's core platforms.
  • Engineer and implement the company's 3rd-party data integrations, and AI-aided content processing.
  • Exposing content to other consumers via REST API & live streaming.
  • Influence and co-architect the systems and application landscape.

The ideal colleague would be someone who has:

  • 4+ years of Java 8+ and Spring Boot experience.
  • Experience with writing complex SQL queries.
  • Experience with CI/CD and version controlling (Git, GitHub Actions Jenkins).
  • Experience with Hazelcast.
  • Experience with data visualization tools (Grafana/Splunk).
  • Familiarity with architectures targeted at and consumed by web-based applications (SOA, REST, HTTP-Stack).
  • Familiarity with Elasticsearch.

In turn, you can:

  • Reshape the view on finance while working with cutting-edge NLP, Quant, Data Science teams. 
  • Work with an up-to-date stack: 
    • Java 11, Spring 5.x/Spring Boot 2, RabbitMQ/Spring Cloud, Lombok, Jersey, Swagger, RabbitMQ, JUnit, Mockito;
    • Maven, Docker, Kubernetes, Kustomize, Lens;
    • PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Flyway, Hibernate, Hazelcast;
    • IntelliJ, DataGrid, Git;
    • Github (Actions), Grafana, Prometheus, Jenkins, JIRA Software, Confluence.
  • Be in a flat hierarchy, reporting directly to the CTO.

...and a lot more, if you're up for it. 

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(No. 2709/ 17.01.2019)