Software Engineer

Sofia, Bulgaria

        1. People – you’re in the first 2-3 years of your career and are striving to learn various things, experiment with various paradigms and do it with like-minded people.


        2. Tech – you’re willing to try out event-driven architecture as well as approaching your code from a functional standpoint while looking at more than one programming language.


        3. Offer – you can do exactly that in a truly enterprise-scale environment (without the bureaucracy in it!) while adhering to all the industry-best practices – distributed systems, Cloud, pair-programming, containers and orchestrators, real-time data, etc.

1, 2, 3 – that’s all. Besides a quick meeting or two for you to get to know each other, there’s only a technical test to go.

P.S. You'll be developing a platform with а worldwide impact which turns fragile ideas into great companies.

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