ML Engineering Manager - Team Lead

Sofia, Bulgaria

Job Context:

Focused on building the world’s first Software-Defined, Input-to-Outcome platform by understanding documents, extracting structured and unstructured data, and automating business processes end-to-end - and we’re looking for amazing people to join us.

Machine Learning (ML) sits at the core of our efforts to automate the future work. We turn ML lab experiments into enterprise-ready AI solutions to solve complex machine perception and natural language understanding problems.

This is an opportunity to work on the full lifecycle of an AI solution - you will research cutting-edge techniques (Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Meta Learning, Online Learning), implement them in a fast-growth AI startup environment, and ensure thеy are integrated in a reliable and scalable way to bring real value to customers.


Your main responsibilities will include the following but feel free to inspire innovations:

  • Manage and guide a small team of Machine Learning engineers helping to set priorities and tasks
  • Plan and manage multiple projects to ensure successful delivery 
  • Wrapping ML modules in reusable application components, which can be integrated in different configurations depending on the specific customer’s needs
  • Leveraging your systems knowledge to deliver fast and scalable software, starting from the design of the system through development and extension
  • Designing easy-to-use programmer interfaces and tools that will be leveraged by other developers, including APIs for our clients' developers
  • Creatively solving problems even when the initial answer is unclear
  • Actively participate in research, experimentation and development when needed
  • Actively participate in discussions and giving ideas/guidance 
  • Helping improve our code quality by writing unit tests and performing thorough code reviews
  • Assessing where the optimization efforts should go in order to utilize better the ML components and know-how of the company

Skills and Knowledge:

  • 2+ yrs. of Lead/Management experience no doubt is a huge advantage
  • Essential understanding of math and computer science
  • Strong analytical skills 
  • Track record of successfully coaching and mentoring machine learning engineers
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with product managers on machine learning product roadmaps and long term planning
  • Knowledge of modern machine learning/deep learning technologies (experience applying ML to real-world enterprise solutions is required)
  • Experience in Natural Language Processing is a plus
  • Able to perform applied research projects and bring them to production
  • Experience building high-quality production models in Python is required
  • Team player with strong communication skills
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English language

Benefits & Perks

      >   You’ll work with some of the best machine learning, software and test engineers in one of the most innovative tech companies in Sofia
      >   Budget to attend conferences, train, and further your education
      >   30 days of paid leave annually to help nurture work-life symbiosis
      >   A great office, with excellent location
      >   Massages at the office by a professional massage therapist
      >   Auto assistant for your car
      >   Catered lunches, afternoon breakfasts, and a great variety of snacks and drinks
      >   A sports card, covering various options for sport
      >   Additional health insurance package, including extensive medical, dental & vision care
      >   Truly competitive salary
      >   Stock options
      >   Referral bonus


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