Java Engineer

Sofia, Bulgaria

For about 2 years now, one of the biggest US quant funds has been making a push into new markets. Computer-power, systematic investing, though, means a technological push is needed as well and Sofia has been the chosen location for it. With DevOps and low latency embroidered in their culture, they are now looking for a Senior Java Engineer to join their team.

What's in store, and what are the future role milestones...

  • More and more functionalities to the company's Portfolio Management System.

  • Constant work together with the US colleagues on the platform's microservices architecture. 

  • Server-side development with Java 11.

The ideal fit would be someone who...

  • ...has 3+ years of Java development experience (as well as experience with Java 10/11).

  • comfortable in a Cloud environment as well as working with containerization tools.

  • ...has experience with Kafka and RabbitMQ.

  • ...has worked on messaging or streaming platforms.

  • In turn, you can have...

  • Office massages.

  • Company discounts.

  • Paid courses, certifications, conference tickets.

  • Shopping and fuel vouchers.

...and lots more, if you're up to it.

Interested in this role? So are we! Let us know at

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