Senior Software Developer

Sofia, Bulgaria

We are looking for a senior software engineer to help our client with the development of the cross-platform client-side core library.


  • Library development for the client-side of the storage
  • Helping the team with problems and implementation issues
  • Having fun solving issues nobody in the industry had solved properly yet


  • Fluent in C/C++
  • Experienced with system, network and multithreaded programming
  • Able to debug weird problems and Heisenbugs
  • Able to read LUA, Python, Java is a plus
  • Knowledgeable and comfortable with the basics of cryptography

​If you still think that you are the right person, know that You are going to work with people that have no issues with:

  • Working with lots of hardware (1000+ servers) and data (32+ PB)
  • Solving difficult problems instead of taking the easy (and broken) way out
  • Writing software and running an infrastructure that doesn’t notice the slashdot effect
  • Promoting and operating projects so they get to the top 50 of Alexa – worldwide


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(License No. 2709 valid from 17.01.2019)