Senior Full-stack Engineer

Sofia, Bulgaria

The team is reinventing how trading and investing work by creating exceptional products! Their focus is enabling over 1.5 million people to build wealth in the global top 3 choice platforms for trading. Together, we are looking for a Senior Full-stack Engineer, who is an independent thinker, eager to improve and build microservice architecture products in service of the people. 


As part of the team you will:

  • Develop solutions by taking a holistic approach to problem-solving - we expect you to understand the business problems, the service architecture, and the underlying technologies and infrastructure and take everything into consideration.
  • Engage in forming requirements, design your implementation, code it, test it, deploy, and monitor it – the full SDLC is led by the software engineers. You have full ownership of your code and you have to maintain it in good shape and refactor it when there’s a good opportunity for improvement.
  • Develop for performance, scale, and resilience – your code will run in an uncompromising environment. Downtime, latency, and data loss are intolerable.
  • Impact millions of users with every change you push to production.
  • Work in compact, autonomous teams with short release cycles, relying on agile, independent teams of sharp and driven people with just the right amount of processes to steer off anarchy and not sacrifice velocity.
  • ​Learn from your colleagues and share your knowledge with them. Mutual honest feedback is one of their most reliable weapons.

We will be looking for:

  • Experience with developing services in a microservice architecture. They have built a highly scalable and performant system, consisting of 250+ microservices.
  • Good familiarity with common communication protocols. You should feel comfortable with using HTTP & AMQP communication and have the ability to decide when to use one over the other.
  • Extensive programming experience in a production environment using one of the following languages: Java, Go, NodeJS, or Python.
  • Deep understanding of JavaScript. Experience with React and/or React Native, and TypeScript.
  • Ongoing or completed CS education.

Company main tech stack:

  • Languages and frameworks: choose among Java 17 (Spring), Go, NodeJS, Python + JavaScript (React Native/TypeScript)
  • Databases: Apache Cassandra, MariaDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, TimescaleDB, ClickHouse.
  • Messaging: Apache Kafka.
  • Web servers: Nginx, HAProxy, Envoy.
  • Version control: Git (GitLab).
  • Logs & Monitoring: Grafana, Kibana, StatsD (Telegraf).
  • Team communication: Slack.

If zero commission trading is what you have been waiting for, and you need the freedom to develop your ideas into real-life products - drop a line at for more details!  
(No. 2709 from 17.01.2019)