Senior Back-end Engineer

Sofia, Bulgaria

The future will be more and more reliant on what data you have and how you use it. How you go about doing just those things can and will make the difference, so why don't you join the company that's been a difference-maker for about 4 decades now?

What's in store, and what are the future role milestones:

  • More and more internal-use products that provide critical content analytics and aid the entire workflow process - from planning right through to post-production assistance.

  • Using agile methods, track, monitor, and appropriately manage the full development lifecycle for the code and the products.

  • Following business priorities and making decisions based on the shared business goals of the organization.

The ideal fit would be someone who...

  • ...has focused on working with Node.js and TypeScript for a while now (4+ years) and has worked with AWS infrastructure.

  • ...has worked in an Agile environment.

  • ...has a TDD approach mindset.

  • ...has experience in continuous integration, deployment and delivery.

  • ...understands how integral great team communication is and is a proficient English speaker. 

In turn, you can have:
  • Office massages.

  • Company discounts.

  • Paid courses, certifications, conference tickets.

  • Shopping and fuel vouchers.

...and lots more, if you're up to it.

Interested in this role? So are we! Let us know at

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